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Group Member of the Year 2018

A great big congratulations to Katie L. a member of Birchwood Cub Pack who was awarded on Monday 17th December the trophy for Group Member of the Year 2018 by the group scout leader - Christopher Holliss.

Katie was awarded the trophy which she will keep for a year, with a silver engraved plate which she will keep forever along with £10, at the packs last meeting of this term and Katie's last as a cub as she moves onto scouts.

The leaders stated that they could not have been happier to nominate Katie for this years award.

She arrived a slight and very shy girl over 2 and a half years ago ask since that time, she has grown into a confident young lady with ever growing scouting knowledge and why she was rewarded by becoming a 2nder at the end of 2017. Since that time she has developed further, working as a very good six leadership team with her 6er, showing extremely good leadership skills, the ability to work as a team and to lead that team as and when it is required, while showing great empathy to others. She has a most wonderful nature to which her fellow cubs responded well to as do all that work with her.

She has been very supportive to new cubs and leaders alike, helping in some cases them both to master such things as knots and map reading.

Through her hard work, high attendance of meetings and many events such as the district archery competitions over the course of her time in cubs, she was recently awarded on the 1st October with the Chief Scout Silver award for obtaining all seven cub challenge badges which is a great achievement in itself along with many cub activity badges.

Katie has simply been a pleasure to have within cubs and we all hope that she has enjoyed it as much as we have had leading her.

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