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Not 1 but 2 new beaver leaders

The Beaver scouts of Thumpers beaver colony got to welcomed on Wednesday 7th November not 1 but 2 new parent leaders into their colony.

At the end of the colony's meeting, the group scout leader - Mr Christopher Holliss took over proceedings were both Sarah Lennox (aka Blue Jay) and Natasha Orbell (aka Arctic Fox) taking hold of the colony flag and making the oh so familiar scout salute, recited the Scout promise to become uniformed leaders of 1st Park Street Scout Group. Once both were given their respective badges and group scarf, the beavers present gave a rousing three cheers as a warm welcome.

The GSL said “I was delighted to invest and welcome these ladies as leaders into the thriving and ever so popular Thumpers colony. This will allow the colony to carry on for some years and will continue the great work that it’s leaders have always done. Both myself and the groups training advisor - Ruth Hayes, have been there every step of the way up to this point and we know how nervous and slightly daunting it can be when you say yes to becoming a leader, but as it has become clear to those willing to take some time out of their day as Sarah and Natasha have, that previous scouting experience is in no way necessary at all. All you ever need to become a leader and a good leader is the sense of fun, adventure and plenty of energy to keep up with the children, for you to keep them and yourself enthusiastic and engaged.”

If you feel that you can spend some time out of your day to become a uniformed leader then please contact either your present section leaders or one of the executive members.

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