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Park Street Cub says "I've done my best"

A dedicated Cub Scout within the Birchwood cub pack of the 1st Park Street Scout Group has run out of room on her uniform after earning every cub scout badge.

Ten and a half year old Sophie H, has been awarded all 37 activity badges for a variety of skills from fixing a bike to cooking on open fire.

This uncommon feat was achieved when she collected the last of the 37 available activity badges that a cub can earn at her very last cub meeting on Monday 17th December, while also collecting yet another activity plus badge that are awarded for completing the same activity badge twice.

These along with her full collection of challenge badges, silver chief scout award, stage, year, sixer and many event badges, all expect her latest badges having been sewn on to her cub scout jumper, she has now run out of space.

Her father, who is a cub scout leader in Sophie’s pack, said: “All the leaders over the past two and half years have been so impressed with how Sophie has taken on the challenges that we as leader’s have layout for our cubs, be that delicately decorating a tea lamp for Diwali or learning to scuba dive to allow her to amass this impressive badge haul. We also understand that she is the first to have completed all 37 activity and 7 challenge badges within the group’s history. All the leaders are really, really proud of her. However, as her father it’s been her enthusiasm in the collection of these badges, by getting involved in all sorts of activities, but by her helping and supporting other cubs be them within her own pack or outside so that they can also achieve the same or take on the task at hand such as abseil down a large wall which has given me such happiness and inspiration”

Sophie joined the Cub pack in May 2016. Keen to beat her now 14-year-old sister and 12-year-old brother both with very impressive badge hauls of their own was not going to be a small feat. Sophie has been keen to take part in all that the pack and scouting had to offer from individual activities, as well as working with her fellow pack members, to rack up her impressive badge count.

Among her achievements have been horse riding, raft building, scuba diving, sailing, tying knots, DIY, cooking on an open fire, and of course making new friends.

Sophie said: “I have enjoyed everything that I have done since joining cubs, other that map reading, I wasn’t keen on that even though I know it will help me latter. My most favourite activity badges have been the backwoods cooking, animal carer as we got to meet a real crocodile and both the athletics badges. However, my most favourite badge of all is the Manchester scouting Bee badge that I paid for out of my birthday money that my dad offered to everyone as it was to help the people who were attacked. I like that I have achieved all the activity badges and I’m proud of myself, but most of all I like that I can look at my jumper and remember the fun I had”

Overall Sophie has been awarded a total of 80 badges in her time at Cubs, these include seven challenge badges, Chief Scout Silver award and stage badges such as hiking, nights away, water activities, skiing and other indoor and outdoor pursuits. She also has many event badges such as the county night hike, county bushcraft day, Parades, camps and a Green Blue Peter badge for her environmental work from planting trees at Heartwood Forest in Sandridge as part of The Woodland Trust, water pollution “Yellow Fish Project” and the Plastic Amnesty in scrapping the groups use in plastic woggles as well as her activity badges.

To mark this wonderful and historic moment in the groups history, the group’s executive arranged the making of 37 cup cakes each topped with an icing version of each of the activity badges to be presented to Sophie to hand out to her fellow cubs, while also commissioning a picture frame containing every activity, challenge and silver award that a cub can earn to be hung upon a wall within the hall which has Sophie’s name and year of her achievement engraved on a plaque. It is the groups hope that by seeing this and knowing that it can be done that Sophie’s name will not be alone for too long.

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