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1st Park Street Beavers

Who We Are

Beaver Scouts are easily recognisable with their turquoise sweatshirt with Group scarf (often called a necker).  They the youngest section within scouting made up of boys and girls usually aged between 6 and 8 years old.


Beavers generally meet for an hour per week and are spilt into lodges of six Beavers each to help promote teamwork and form friendships.


Enjoying a balanced program of activities Beavers experience all that Scouting has to offer – outdoor activities; the opportunity to be creative; exploring their local community and the fostering of independence that comes with a Beaver Scout Sleepover.



Here at 1st Park Street we are passionate about our scouting and wish to show any youngster who wishes to become a beaver scout at our group how much fun and adventure can be had, forming the foundation for greater adventures as they move up through the scouting sections.


Fun and adventure is at the heart of everything we do here at 1st Park Street along with a strong sense of community which is reflected within our programs. It is the single most important thing that sets Scouts and our group apart.

What We Offer

1st Park Street offers the opportunity for children within the local area to start their scouting adventure by joining our popular Beaver Colony.


The group presently has one colony of a maximum of 24 Beaver scouts.


Thumpers Colony
Wednesdays - 6pm till 7pm
The colony is split into lodges,

Pine, Maple, Oak & Ash.


The activities Beavers undertake and games they play are part of a balanced programme giving Beavers the opportunity to earn badges that they can then proudly display on their uniform.


A number of the badges can be worked upon in our own time, such as the Swimmer, Martial Arts, IT, Home Help and Book Reader badges.   You will be amazed how many badges you can qualify for, with a little effort in your free time.


In addition to planned sessions at the Scout Hut, our Beaver Colonies organise trips, visits and sleepovers, often giving young people their first experience of a night away from home.

Beaver Uniform
Beaver Uniform Badge Placement


Please see the image left to show you where to place your Beaver's badges.


To find out more about the badges they are working towards,

click the button below.


Beaver Promise
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