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Cubs welcome a new leader

Following the investiture of 3 new cubs into Birchwood Cub pack, it was the eagerly awaited turn of one to the pack's and the group's newest leaders Raksha aka Tania Martin.

Tania who has been and continues to perform her role as a member of the group's executive committee, kindly volunteered to also put on the leaders shirt helping to allow the pack to keep running after the end of this term when it sees 2 of its present leaders leave.

Invested by the group's GSL - Christopher Holliss in front of all 28 cubs and their parents, Raksha like the cubs before her placed her left hand on the packs flag, making the scout sign with her right, she spoke the scout promise like all those before her.

On completion of this she was presented with the scout membership, district, county badges, group and pack name tapes and the finally the group's distinctive black and white scarf.

The GSL said "we are always delighted to welcome new leaders to our very supportive group. Having known Tania and her family for many years now having been her daughter's beaver and cub leader and now her son's cub leader, I know what a great leader she will be and can not wait to see her build with the others the packs already great repartition for fun and excitement"

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