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Scouts Australia
1st Park Street Scout Group

Like the 1st Park Street Scout Group, 1st Bordertown has three sections: Joey Scouts, Cub Scouts and Scouts. We share our meeting hall with the Guides, and meet every Tuesday night. The Joeys meet from 5-6pm, the Cubs from 5-6.30pm, and the Scouts from 6.30-8pm.


All sections within the group like to have camp fires in the bush and camp out between autumn and Spring. Between October and April - the warmer months - there is a general fire ban because of the bushfire danger, and it is illegal to light fires in the open. There is also a greater risk of snakes in warmer weather, which we try to avoid.


We play a lot of sport: Australian rules football, hockey, netball, basketball and soccer in winter, and tennis, cricket, basketball, swimming, croquet and lawn bowls in summer. We also use the town's bike and walking tracks.


Our oldest Scouts are in High School and are looking forward to Jamboree in Queensland in January 2016. Unfortunately, this will be their last full year in Scouts, as they will turn 15 next year. The closest Rover Scout group is 200km (124 miles) away, but the district is looking at how our local Rovers could link in together.

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