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1st Park Street Cubs

Who We Are

Cub Scouts, which celebrates its 150th birthday in 2016, are boys and girls aged 8-10½ years and form the second section within the Scouting family, between the sections Beaver Scouts and Scouts.


Cubs that are easily recognisable by their dark green jumpers and group scarves.  They meet weekly for 1½ hours making new friends and taking part in many various activities from the balanced programme:

Outdoor, Adventure, World Skills


The activities and games they undertake help the cubs achieve badges they then display on their uniforms.


A number of the badges can be worked upon in our own time, such as the Swimmer, Martial Arts, IT, Home Help and Book Reader badges.   You will be amazed how many badges they can qualify for, with a little effort in their free time.


An exciting part of being a Cub Scout is going on camp, sleeping in tents and taking part in new adventurous activities.



It's exciting being involved with us as adventure is at the heart of everything we do here at 1st Park Street.

It is the single most important thing that sets Scouts and our group apart.


We believe that through the everyday adventure of Scouting, young people and their parent/guardian volunteers regularly experience new challenges that enrich their lives and introduce them to lifelong friends.

What We Offer

1st Park Cubs offers the opportunity for children within the local area to carry on or to start their scouting adventure within a fun and friendly group.

Our group presently has only one pack of between 24 up to a maximum of 30 Cubs.


Birchwood Pack
Mondays - 6pm till 7:30pm

The pack is divided into 4  'Sixes' to which the members of each Six wear a different coloured woggle to show which Six they belong to Red, White, Purple and Blue .


Each Six has a 'Sixer' who is the head of the Six and a Seconder who is their deputy and they are recognisable by their special badges worn on their right arm to show their position. This is a very prestigious position to hold and carries with it some responsibilities and so Cubs are chosen not only on age but ability.


We offer many varied activities, as diverse as;

  • kayaking

  • abseiling

  • scuba diving

  • shooting

  • archery

  • camping

  • distict swimming gala

  • distict archery competition


There’s something for every young person, whatever their physical ability.

Cub Uniform
Cub Uniform Badge Placement


Please see the image left to show you where to place your Cubs badges.


To find out more about the badges they are working towards, click the button below.


Cub Promise
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