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Well earned rewards for our GSL

Congratulations to Christopher Holliss, Group Scout leader and long term Akela of Birchwood cub pack, on receiving his 10 year service award in recognition of his dedication to the Scouting movement, along with his Cub leaders wood badge recognising his time at Beavers.

Chris has been a long term supporter of the Scouting movement, starting as a young leader in his late teens at his childhood scout group, the 6th Eastcote in the District of Ruislip. He returned to scouting as leader of Thumpers Beavers Colony in 2012, helping to prevent the threatening closure which would have left his eldest daughter and her friends without a local Beaver group. He went on to lead Birchwood cub pack, and has seen all three of his children go through Cubs to become Scouts.

Chris has been instrumental as a group leader, and more recently GSL, for many years, showing hard work and dedication in all his efforts on behalf of his group. His efforts have gone a long way to making 1st Park Street such a popular arm of the Scouting movement, with a waiting list of children keen to get involved. We are very lucky to have his dedication and support as GSL, and would like to thank and congratulate Chris on his well earned rewards, on behalf of the hundreds of children he has worked with over the years.

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