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Colne Scouts Troop Summer Tri-Camp

14 scouts from Colne troop took part in a triathlon themed summer camp weekend at the start of July.

After pitching camp on Friday evening (including the first outing for our lovely new Icelandic Patrol tests) and performing last minute kit and bike checks, it was off for a quick spin on the bikes before bed. This turned into a much shorter spin when we were deluged with torrential rain. We didn’t even make it out of the campsite before we called it off 😊. Back to base for supper and a good nights rest.

On Saturday, once fuelled up with a hearty breakfast, we cycled a 15km of mixed off-road and on-road terrain to Herts Young Mariners water activity centre in Cheshunt. On the way there were a few punctures and a broken pedal but we got there in time for lunch. After lunch we had a fantastic Kayaking session where most of the scouts spent their time standing, kneeling or running along the outside of the kayaks rather than actually paddling them! This was very enjoyable, especially when some fell in 😊.

After drying off it was back on the bikes for the return leg of the journey. No mishaps on the way back but a few tired legs by the end. Especially when we got to the long steep hill at the end. Well done to Josh and Oscar for making it to the top without stopping! We got back in time for a much needed hearty tea of Spag bol and chocolate cake. This perked the scouts up enough to have an evening of rounders and a team hunt the clue quiz before supper and bed.

Sunday brought us to the final discipline in our Triathlon based camp. We’ve ticked off the cycle and the water based activities, just the hike left to do. It was a beautiful hot and sunny day and we walked 7km through Lee valley woods, stopping for lunch along the way. On our return, it was time to pack up and head home after an amazing weekend of thrills and spills, fun and laughter.

We could not have done it without the fantastic support from parents that helped to pitch tents, cook the food and be general helpers for the weekend. Many thanks go to Jo Toms, Ruth and Richard Hayes, Ken Spooner, Alan Wright, Ruth Rawlings and TJ Aw.

Can’t wait to plan the next adventure now. Bring it on!

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