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Viking Cub Rampage

As dusk began to settle on the eve of Friday 14th July over thick woodland at Phasels Wood campsite, there came from the east the menacing sight of a horde of Viking warriors (in training). 34 of the bravest young female and male warriors from the packs of Birchwood and Wolf gathered together to train in the Norse ways.

The trainee warriors assembled in front of the longhouse of Ivan the Boneless (Akela Wolf) to give their allegiance and to hear his word. Out of the mystical fog came the chilling war cry, as if from the halls of Valhalla itself: Ragnarok loath brook (Akela Birchwood). He revealed to those warriors (in training) present, that within the Viking world there are 3 forms of people, the Viking…..the Slave……and the dead, of which there are many. It was for them to choose their fate, to learn the arts of war and their history as their kin did before them, to welcome a glorious death in battle, to be welcomed within the halls of Valhalla, or to live as the lowest of the low (Brownies).

The warriors in training took up Ragnor’s challenge with great vigour. Over the next 48hrs under the supervision of 14 of the bravest of Ragnar’s chosen Vikings (Leaders, Parent helpers & Young leaders), they learned the Viking prayer, forged axes, made shields, cooked lunch upon the embers of burnt and ransacked local homes, took on the Stairway to Valhalla (Crate Stacking), Oden’s leap of faith (Zip Wire), Thor’s rock (Zorb ball).

Upon the Saturday eve they did feast and drink (hot chocolate) as any good Viking does. Upon this eve they looked into the mystical fire burning brightly, while hearing the stories and songs of old (Herman the worm) from Loki (Kaa Birchwood).

Upon the Sunday morn they did awake ready for battle. Once they broke their fast they did ready themselves by breaking camp before marching to the site which for some would be their resting place upon this mortal world.

As was their way, natives of the area cowered in their tents or ran from the fearsome figures that were the warriors of Park Street Cubs.

Following a few family skirmishes between Ragnar and his son Ivan the boneless, the Park Street warriors took on the pretenders (Explorer scouts) that wished to witness them in battle, looking for weakness. They did not see any, nor did they have a chance once the frightening war cry was called, the horns of battle sounded and the sudden charge hit them causing them to die in their folding camp chairs (or spilling their hot drinks in their laps).

Once seeing their fallen off to the afterlife the warrior collected their belongings and went off to the awaiting long ships to spread word of the weekend's heroic tales.

A weekend of legend!

(The leaders of both packs would very much like to thank all the parent helpers and young leaders who attended the weekend. By embracing the theme as you did it became an epic Viking weekend)

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