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2017 County Bushcraft Day

On Saturday 18th March, six intrepid cubs from Birchwood pack, along with their Akela, inspired by Chief Scout Bear Grylls, took to the woods for the annual County Bushcraft Day. Held at Harmer Green Wood near Welwyn, the bushcraft event gives cubs and their leaders from all over Hertfordshire the opportunity to learn practical survival skills including rope making, fire lighting, shelter building, backwoods cooking, nature trails and making useful camp gadgets.

Despite the changeable weather, the cubs enjoyed a fun-filled and active day, citing the rope making and backwoods cooking as their favourite activities. They all agreed that the chicken stew they'd prepared and cooked themselves, from peeling the vegetables, to making the foil parcel in which they'd cook them in the open fire, was the best they'd tasted! And of course the toasted marshmallows went down a treat too!

The cubs favorites when the learn how to make rope and making a hot meal via backwoods cooking. The meal involved the cubs pealing some carrots and potatoes, cutting them into small pieces and then by folding a sheet of tin foil to form a envelope place their chopped veg. some chicken and vegetable stock. While they awaiting for what was to be hailed by the cubs amazing and so taste they roasted marshmallows.

The activity day will count toward the cubs' challenge and activity badges.

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