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Birchwood Cubs Swim to Victory!

Well the groups Cub packs and Scout troops have every reason to feel proud......

At last night’s St Albans Cub & Scout district swimming gala held at Westminster Lodge the leaders and parents witnessed some awesome swimming displayed by those members of the group that took part.

Wolf’s 2 teams put on a remarkable performance in the heats and although missing the finals the experience that those who took part will hold them in good stead for coming galas as most of these have only moved up from our beaver sections.

Colne's under 12 swim team which consisted of Devlin (Freestyle), Dylan (Breaststroke) & Megan - Backstroke a sub from our Ver troop narrowly missed out on the top spot coming 2nd to the team from 4th St Albans. They were closely followed by the group's other troop "Ver" in 3rd place within the Under 12's competition who consisted of Katie (Freestyle), Benjamin (Breaststroke) & Tom (Backstroke)

Although neither troop had swimmers in the older category of Under 14's, the combined points from both troops put the group' scouts into 3rd place within the joint Under 12 & 14 competition which was also won by the

4th St Albans.

However the night belonged to the Cubs of Birchwood pack seeing them victorious for a consecutive year lifting The Anson Trophy. The winning team of Toby (Freestyle), Wesley (Breaststroke) and Sophie (Backstroke) won both their heats and their finals, to get maximum points, swimming to victory once again. Not to be out done the packs other team of Emily (Freestyle), Lilly (Breaststroke) and Oliver (Backstroke) swam some great heats but like their counterparts in Wolf sadly missed the finals. However the notable swim from this team was that of Oliver who came into the team at the 11th hour to replace a late dropout which is more remarkable as he is presently a beaver within our Thumpers beaver colony and not due to join his sister as a cub within the pack until after February half term.

The groups GSL and Akela of the Birchwood Chris Holliss commended everyone’s swimming ability, determination and team work. He was so impressed with the camaraderie he witnessed from every Cub and Scout. Everyone made sure that each of our swimmers knew that they were being cheered on every single bit of the way and although some were disappointed with their result they didn’t let that spoil what was a great experience. There was some great swimming from some of our youngest cubs which can only see the group continue to do well in this annual event. He wanted to thank not only Jon Stacey Wolf’s section assistant for giving the packs cubs the chance to take part but that of all the swimmers parents and supporters who were in fine voice.

So keep up those swimming lessons and training and here’s hoping for a clean swipe at next year’s competition.


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