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A piece of cake fund raising

Three Scouts from the Colne Scout Troop who all attend S.T.A.G.S (St. Albans Girls School) where shown by representatives of the charity Lepra during a school visit what a devastating disease Leprosy is and how it has a devastating effect upon its victims.

Seeing and hearing the information these Scouts showed a strong resolve to do more than just sit and listen to the problem. So all three decided by fund raising they could help fight the problem of Leprosy in some small way and to help the victims of this horrid disease. They requested the group's permission to raise funds by the means of a cake sale to be held at the end of each of the group's section meetings for a week with the first taking place on 29th February.

Although they could only sale cakes to four out of the group's six sections as two sections were on outdoor activities they still managed to raise just over £100 from the group’s remaining members. Along with a cake sale at one of the scouts swimming club they brought the total raised to £125 which they have been informed by Lepra will help five people fight this disease.


It was great fun making and trying the cakes before the sale. It went better than we thought or could have dreamt. To raise so much and help five people means a lot and we would like to thank everyone who brought one or more of our cakes.

Thank you all.... :-)

The Colne Leadership team:

We are very proud that we have such resourceful scouts within our troop. They have showed us all what can be achieved in a short period of time and what impact a small kind gesture can do. We as leaders would also like to thank all the other members of the group who supported these scouts by buying a cake. This just shows everyone what a great community spirit there is within the group which is just great to see.

Scouts: Libby. C, Ellie.H, Ella.S

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