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Park Street Scouts join in the Great Gang Show

For yet another year Park Street’s Scout troop has had members invited to appear in the sold out St Albans Gang Show.

? and Ex Scout now Explorer Chloe Dunn made it through the auditions last September, to take part in this most popular of annual shows.

St Albans Gang Show is open to members of Scouts and Guide groups across the St Albans district, aged between 11 and 25. Our talented Scouts have been rehearsing for the last four months for the five shows performed to sell out audiences from 12 to 15 February. Check dates Behind the scenes our Leaders have also been key to making sure the shows go on. Our own Group Scout Leader, Niki Dunn, has helped choreograph the Mr Men sketch part of the show, while our Scout Leaders, Karen and John Drake have been working back stage. Niki said ' Since starting Gang Show myself as a Scout many moons ago I have always been immensely proud to be part of this annual display of scouting showbiz talent within our district and even more so of all our group members that take part as it is such a huge commitment of their time throughout the months of rehearsals and performances. It always surprises me how each Gang Show just gets better each year and everyone who took part has done themselves and this group proud.' Well done to everyone involved. Find out more at

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