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Risk Assessments

The Scout Association stipulates that all leaders to be covered by it's insurance and the full backing of the association must carry out a risk assessment for every activity that leaders or the group take part in or orgnise.


The group has created generic risk assessments to help in this process which you will find upon this page.

However there is also a blank assessment form at the top so that you can make your own in the event that there is not one covering your activitie at present.


If you do create a new Risk Assessment please send this to

so that it can be added to this page for the future use of others.

NOTE: Although these assessments should cover the type of activity that you are doing you must still read the assessment carefully and amended it to suit.

Risk Assessment - Blank



Greenwood Park


Fire Lighting and Cooking

Hand Axe

Hungry Hippos Game

Indoor Running



Ver Valley Walk

Knife, Saw & Axe

Litter Pick

Meeting Involving



Westminster Lodge

Bivy Making

Bricket Wood

Fire Station Visit

St Albans Ghost Walk

Pitching a Tent

Throwing Games

Tin Can Pancake Making

Nature Study @

How Wood

Bell Boating @

Grand Union Canal

Guy Burning @

Well End

Hike from Moor Mill

to Scout Hut

Chippy Hike to

How Wood Shops

Indoor & Outdoor Jumping


Pond or River dipping

Tool Care and Safety

Pets @ Home

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