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About the Town


Bordertown is in South Australia about 550kms west of Melbourne. Our closest city, Adelaide is 270kms away. There is a preschool, primary school and high school in Bordertown. The primary school has around 450 students and the high school around 300.


Bordertown is the home of the white kangaroo.




The town is surrounded by farming land mainly dedicated to growing wheat, barley, oats and canola, as well as rearing cattle and sheep. Recently, some of this land has been used for growing grapes. Most of the families involved in our Scout group work in farming or labour, or are employed by local businesses.


Bordertown is very hot and dry in summer, with temperatures often reaching 40-43˚C. In summer, we all like to head to the beach, about 95kms away. The weather is cooler there, and we like to fish and swim. In winter, the weather is cold, wet and frosty, although it doesn't snow. The temperature sometimes dips to around -2˚C, but daytimes are usually between 10-15˚C. 


Our town has one supermarket, two bakeries, one butcher, one greengrocer, three hairdressers', four banks, one deli, one takeaway outlet, one clothes shop, one discount store, one electrical goods store, one furniture store, two craft and gift stores, one plant nursery, one meatworks, and four farm machinery and car dealerships. We also have a doctor's surgery, hospital, dentist, post office, town hall, swimming pool, skate park, six churches and many parks. The Tatiara creek runs through the town, and is dry except during wet weather.


Bordertown's population is around 2,300, and has changed over the past 10 years with people from 18 different nations - mainly Africa, Asia and the Middle East - living in our community. These people are mainly employed at the meatworks and vineyards. Previously, we had few ethnic minorities in the town.

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