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Wolf's Akela gets his own badge for a change

Wolf's Akela, aka Davryn Fagan, was proudly presented with the prestigious scouting Wood Badge, on the completion of his leadership training, by 1st Park Street's Group Scout Leader - Christopher Holliss at the end of Wolf's meeting on Tuesday 25th September 2018.

The Wood Badge which symbolises the completion of a series of training modules set out by the scout association to insure that leaders are able to run a

scouting section, having the same level of knowledge and skills as any other leader in the country and to be done within a 3 year period from becoming a leader.

Following a short speech of thanks the pack's cubs lead by the GSL gave their Akela a rousing three cheers.

This is yet another example of selfless dedication that the adult volunteers at 1st Park Street are making every day to sure that they can give the very best Scouting experience that local children can get.

A very big Well Done !

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