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District Archery Competition 2018

On Saturday the 10th of March the Cubs of 1st Park Street Wolf and Birchwood Cub Packs took part in the "District Archery Competition" at Tolmers.

The competition also allowed cubs the opportunity to try out air-rifle shooting and gave parents the chance to try out both once the competition had finished.

Wolf Pack sent a very young team, consisting of Will B, Amy G, Kobi D and Matthew M. The Birchwood team included Katie L, James.G, Harry.B, Vyom.C. Most of cubs had never shot a rifle nor handled a bow before, and while we only managed to finish 10th out of 10, all Cubs said they had had an "amazing day" and "would love to take part again next year".

At least our Cubs managed to score more points than their parents... ;)

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