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5 year award for cub leader

Congratulations to Paul Drussel, leader of Conkers cub pack, who was recently awarded his 5 year service award in recognition of his dedication to the Scouting movement. Paul became a leader of Conkers beavers colony in 2013 when his eldest son joined the group, moving on to Birchwood cub pack when his son moved up. He is now a cub leader as well as a beaver leader for Thumpers, the colony his youngest son attends.

Paul has been a valued and dedicated cub leader, organising and overseeing countless sessions and activities for the benefit of all the scouts in his care. We were delighted to present Paul with his award at a recent beaver meeting, with all our thanks on behalf of 1st Park Street and all the children who have benefited, for the time he has devoted to his leadership role.

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