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1st Park Street enjoy a Crocodile Encounter

On Monday 5th February, Birchwood cubs invited Thumpers and Conkers beavers colonies to join them for an exciting evening of Crocodile Encounters!

The group of almost 50 Cubs and Scouts filled the Scout Hut to meet the visiting crocodile and his friends, provided by handler Richard of the company Crocodile Encounters.

The children enjoyed the opportunity of meeting, holding and learning about the variety of animals present, including a tortoise, corn snake, bearded lizard, python and a crocodile! There were surprises in store, with children enjoying a hug from the python, and bravely putting their hand inside a mystery bag to guess the animal inside!

It was a very cosy but incredibly enjoyable evening, and the children went home with many new and interesting animal facts with which to regale their parents - including a delightful one about edible tortoise poo, which we're assured we could eat - should we be hungry enough!

Thank you to Richard of Crocodiles Encounters for joining us and for introducing us to all his wonderful creatures.

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