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Birchwood Cubs take home the swimming gala trophy for the 3rd year

Congratulations to Birchwood Cubs who took home the winners' trophy for the third year in a row at the annual District Cub and Scout swimming gala on 27th January.

Once again, the gala was held at Westminster Lodge leisure centre in St. Albans, and cub and Scout packs entered teams from across the district. Both Birchwood and Wolf packs entered teams as follows:

Brichwood entered 2 teams of 3 cubs each

Stingray = Tommy H, Thomas M, Sophie H

Swordfish = Paige M, Isobel G, Mateusz

Leaders present -

Chris Holliss Akela Birchwood

Davyrn Fagan Akela Wolf

Wolf swimmers = Jenson S, Samuel S, Sebastian N, James S-T.

Well done to all the swimmers, and a huge congratulations to the Birchwood team for a solid performance, leading to them taking the trophy for a third year - joint winters with the 3rd St Albans cub pack, with whom they share the trophy.

Winning team members / placings:

2nd place for Sophie in the breaststroke final - just beaten by a heart beat. This was Sophie's second year in the winning team.

1st place for Thomas in the Backstroke final.

1st place for the relay team final - Tommy H swam for his dear life seeing a lead slowly eaten away getting to the end to win being willed on by his team mate Thomas M.

Well done to all the swimmers who took part for their accomplished swimming, teamwork and for supporting each other in their races. We look forward to seeing you all back in the pool next year when we'll be going for our fourth consecutive win!

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