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A day of remembrance

On a bright but cold day on Sunday 12th November, 1st Park Street Beavers, Cubs and Scouts joined the hundreds of local groups and community members for the annual Remembrance Day parade.

Led by the Harpenden Pipe Band, the groups and their leaders proudly walked the parade, flag bearers holding their flags high, from the railway bridge to the War Memorial.

At the Memorial, the Rev. Kylie Hodgkins gave a moving tribute to our fallen heroes, followed by the traditional two minute silence, tributes from Cllr. Nicholas Tyndale, and the laying of the wreaths by local community groups and schools.

This year, the 16th Remembrance Day parade in Park Street, 1st Park Street had the honour of bearing the Union flag with flag escorts from our fellow scout groups 1st Bricketwood/4th North Watford & 1st St Albans.

Group members across all sections made their leaders proud as they led a dignified parade, and stood in dignified silence during the service, despite the bitterly cold weather.

1st Park Street GSL Christopher Holliss commented after the service, "Having attended 8 remembrance parades with the group, I have seen the group's attendance grow exponentially from a handful of Beavers, Cubs and Scouts, to the extensive numbers we witnessed today. I would like to thank every one of the group's members and their families who took part in this important annual event. What a wonderful and dignified tribute to all those from our small village and throughout the world who have and continue to give so much in the pursuit of peace."

Well done to everyone who took part, including:

Union Flag Party

Flag Bearer - Francesca S - Scout

1st Park Street Scout Group

Flag Escort - Xander M - Scout

1st Bricketwood/4th North Watford Scout Group

Flag Escort - Kristian T - Scout

1st St Albans Scout Group

1st Park Street Scout Group - Wreath Party

Wreath Layer - Daniel H - Scout

Wreath Escort - Isobel G - Cub

Wreath Escort - Lily R - Beaver

Group Section Flag Bearers

Thumpers Beaver Colony - Finley N

Conkers Beaver Colony - Matthew M

Birchwood Cub Pack - Harry B

Wolf Cub Pack - Christian G

Colne Scout Troop - Dylan H

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