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JOTI 2017

Sophie H of Birchwood Cub pack was the sole representative of the group at this year's 'Jamboree on the internet' event, taking place at Freman College, Buntingford, on 22nd October, and hosted by the Hertfordshire International Scouting team.

Cubs from across Hertfordshire took part in various activities, designed to work towards their communications badge, along with their certification and JOTI 2017 badge.

Sophie commented: "This event was so cool. It was great to do the other activities, like learning to sign my name, but the best part were the 2 sessions of talking to other people around the world. There were so many! There were people from Oman, Mexico, Tahiti and many more but my favourite was "Hello kitty" a 15 year old girl from Indonesia. She was great! We swapped JID numbers (JOTI ID) and we talked about all the things we liked about scouting and about where we come from. The event was really nice and I want to do it again."

The idea behind the event is to create a safe environment for scout members not yet old enough to take part in a full jamboree, which involves a 2-3 week trip, meeting scouts from all parts of the world such as the next 24th World Jamboree taking place in West Virginia, North America in 2018.

The cubs at the end of the event were also given a very fun but informative talk about the work T.E.P. (talk education partnership) do for the children of Uganda.

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