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A well-earned achievement for a special leader

Beaver scouts leader, 'Chipmunk', aka Lorraine Bullock, was proudly presented with the prestigious

Wood Badge, on completion of her leader training.

Presented on 9th March by Head of Training Mr Andy Petch, the Wood Badge recognises Lorraine's significant achievement in leadership, and her dedicated service to young people.

Mr Petch explained to the group that the Wood Badge is only

presented to a leader in recognition of their achievement in completing all the required training modules, and their commitment to ongoing learning. Lorraine's award came at the end of a 3-year training programme, reflecting her dedication to the Scouting experience, for the benefit of all the children in her group.

We are incredibly honoured to have Lorraine as a 1st Park Street Beaver leader, and all the parents and children in her group will agree that she works tirelessly and selflessly to guarantee every child enjoys a positive and meaningful scouting experience during their time at Beavers.

Well done Lorraine, and thank you for all your hard work.

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