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Group Member of the Year Award 2016

On12th December 2016 Molly Gleeson, member of Birchwood Cubs, was awarded the coveted Group Member of the Year Award for 2016 which is sponsored by Birkdale Trophies

Presented by the Group's GSL Christopher Holliss, Molly was presented with the Cup that she will keep for a year, along with a small silver plate to keep, and a gift voucher of her choice.

Every section of the group nominated a group member for the award. This was submitted by the Birchwood Group Leader in nominating Molly for the award:

Molly started cubs very shy and timid to the point of nearly not joining. She has worked really hard to get involved overcoming both her shyness, physical challenges such as fear of heights, and the fear of staying away over night to be involved in such things as the county cub night hike. Molly is a driven member of cubs who consistently completes all the tasks set by leaders to gain badges while also doing extra tasks to gain others that the leaders would not normal do. Molly is a friendly and supportive cub, she is often asked by leaders to support new cubs or those who are shy and if she sees someone who looks left out she will always go and speak to them without being asked. Her behaviour is impeccable as is her attendance, missing only 3 meetings during the whole year, beating all the leaders! She has and continues to be a great role model to our younger cubs and it gave all the pack's leadership team great joy to make her a sixer at the start of the Autumn term, a role in which she has excelled.

Well done Molly, keep up the great work!

Senior designer & workshop manager of Birkdale Trophies,

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