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A hike of a start to the term

Birchwood Cub pack launched straight into the autumn term by taking part in the Hertfordshire County Cub Night Hike on the weekend of 24/25 September.

The Cubs arrived at Hobbs Hill Wood Primary School in Hemel Hempstead on the Saturday afternoon in full uniform, and joined in a flag break with cubs from around the county. Birchwood had three teams of 6 cubs each, comprising of:

team 41 Akela 5 cubs 2 parents

team 42 Shere khan 6 cubs 2 parents

team 43 Kaa 6 cubs 1 parent

Following an evening meal the cubs go were taken by coach to the start point of their hike and starting walking at 6:30pm. There were 6 bases with a challenge for the Cubs at each one. These activities were designed to cover the communicator activity badge, and included learning morse code, cemifore, texting, memorising a message and a space hopping race.

All cubs covered a distance of 8.2miles - some a little longer when they headed in the wrong direction ;-)

All teams completed the hike and all 6 bases

team 41 - 4rs 19 mins

team 42 - 4hrs 40mins

team 43 - 5hrs 20mins

A great time for all teams, particularly considering that many of the cubs were just 8 years old, having just joined us from beavers. Behavior was excellent throughout the hike and the overnight stay. The leaders commented on outstanding behavior and an excellent attitude in coping with the hike and all the tasks. All teams persevered through sore feet and didn't complain - despite running out of haribos!

Plenty of smiles and laughter throughout. Thank you to all the parents who took part as their support allowed more cubs to take part than we could have taken without the additional leaders.

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