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Exciting times in store...

The new steel storage build

We're delighted to announce the completion of our new storage building, built over the summer break alongside our long standing scout hut measuring 9m long x 4m wide and 3m high.

This impressive and long-awaited new storage and drying facility will be

a huge asset to the group for many years to come.

The site before the groundworks

The storage building replaces the rusted shipping container that had been on site for 30 years.

The rust and general erosion of the container meant it was no longer water tight, and was eventually rendered not fit for purpose, after a skip load of the group's equipment that had been stored in the container had to be disposed of due to water damage.

The container was removed in December last year, and planning permission submitted for the new storage facility in February this year.

The group's executive committee have worked hard over the past 9 months on the planning,

design and purchase of this much-needed facility, and finally on 11th July their hard work paid off when planning permission was granted. With funds in place, thanks to the tireless fundraising efforts of the group in previous years, and a generous £2000 donation from St. Albans Councillor, work began and due to the great work of UBS - United Building Systems our impressive new facility was completed on Tuesday 6th September 2016.

Ground works complete

After years of being limited by the minimal space available for storage inside the hut, we will now have ample room to keep our equipment, ensuring all sections have easy access to it when needed, but also means we can invest in new equipment now we have the ability to store and maintain it.

The extra space available along with a fitted dehumidifier and industrial fan allows the group the opportunity to clean and dry all our tents after camps throughout the year.

We'd like to thank the group's GSL and all the group members, past and present, who worked to see the design and planning through to construction.

Thanks must also go to the staff of UBS - United Building Systems who have helped the group every step of the way with their expertise.

We feel sure your children will benefit greatly from this valuable new addition to our scout group.


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