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100 year celebration of Cub Scouts and The Jungle Book

On Saturday 4th June 380 Cub scouts, 38 from 1st Park Street packs Wolf and Birchwood, attended a special showing of The Jungle Book at The Odyssey cinema to celebrate the special centenary of both The Jungle Book and Scouting.

Rudyard Kipling gave Robert Baden-Powell (founder of the Scouting movement) permission to use his story, The Jungle Book, published in 1894, as a motivational book for the movement. Akela, the head wolf in The Jungle Book, has become a senior figure in Scouting, where as we know this title is traditionally adopted by the leader of each Cub Scout pack.

At the event six Scouts from Colne and Ver troops (Ella, Ellie, Benjamin, Harrison, Cooper and Alex) attended as ushers, helping to show the children to their seats. Wolf cub Oliver Odedra was the lucky recipient of one of the four golden tickets placed under the seats, for which he was awarded a 100year of cubs necker.

Also in attendance and enjoying the atmosphere was the St Albans District Commissioner - Annette Payne, Hertfordshire County Commissioner - Liz Walker and the honorable Deputy Mayor - Councillor Gill Clark, who has been made an honorary member of St Albans Scouting. She said “I was really pleased to be able to share in the visit to see the Jungle Book at the Odyssey to celebrate 100 years of the Cub Scout Movement. Everyone looked after me so well.”

All cubs who attended the event will receive a special commemorative badge which should be placed on the bottom right of their cub jumper.

Since opening its doors over a year ago, The Odyssey has partnered with the St. Albans Scout District on a number of occasions, last year offering our Beaver Scouts a special showing of Disney's The Lion King.

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