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District Centenary Cub Camp


Tolmers camp site in Cuffley was full to the brim with cubs between 13th - 15th May. Cubs from both Birchwood and Wolf pack joined others from all over the St Albans district who gathered at Tolmers to take part in the District’s largest ever camp to celebrate 100 years of Cub Scouts.

Over the course of the weekend 280+ cubs and their leaders not enjoyed fabulous weather and took part in numerous activities from Kayaking to Bushcraft skills building.

We were visited by dignitaries such as Liz Walker, "Hertfordshire County Commissioner", who walked around during the activities meeting our cubs while they were learning bushcraft, and who also took part in the camp fire on the Saturday evening. Ms Walker commented to Counciller Gill Clark on what a wonderful camp it was to be

on and how nice all the cubs are. Gill Clark was also quoted as saying "I didn't realize how big cub scouting was in St Albans. The parents and children of St Albans owes all the adult leaders who make this happen a great deal".

Thank you as always to all the guides and helpers who took the time to prepare for, set up and take part in the cub camp for the benefit of all the children. It was a hugely enjoyable weekend for all who took part and a wonderful opportunity for our Cubs to see the wider sense of purpose and community that comes with being a Cub Scout.

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