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Wood Badge arrives

A great big congratulations to Wolf Pack's Akela David Kelly on the completion of his leader training and his historic wait in receiving his Wood Badge.

The award was kindly presented by the New St Albans District Commissioner - Annette Payne at the end of Wolf's meeting on Tuesday 2nd Febuary 2016.

The Wood Badge is presented to Leaders in recognition of their achievement in leadership and services to young people. Like all the group's leaders that have received this same award over the course of this year, David has had to complete a series of training modules, commit to ongoing learning, and be recommended by their Training Advisor to be complete within a 3 year period.

With David's great achievement in receiving this award, the group can boast total of 5 of it's Leadership team across all sections that have gained their Wood badge.

This of course shows everyone within the group the selfless dedication of it's leaders to give the very best Scouting experience that the children can get.

Well Done David!

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