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District Cub Archery Competition 2015

On Saturday afternoon two teams of Birchwood Pack members entered the annual District Cub Archery

competitions. Made up of 8 teams in total all cubs were given the chance for a practise go before being given six arrows with which to score, highest scoring team being the winners. Our cubs put in a great effort with a brace of gold’s ‘bull’s eyes’ from Daniel and 2 brace of reds and blues from Toby and Margaret with the others all scoring. And while waiting for their go some of the cubs even managed to get in some air rifle shooting, with especially good shooting from Margaret and Gracie.

Winners of the overall competition were the 12th St. Albans, regular winners of the competition. Birchwood’s Team A (Daniel, Cody, Jason and Toby) came 7th, and Team B (Margaret, Gracie, Lewis and Emily) came 8th.

All participating cubs were a credit to their pack and conducted themselves very well throughout the event. Well done to all who took part.

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