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A hiking Cubs will go!

On 19th & 20th September our intrepid cubs joined the annual County Night Hike. Teams of 6 from cub packs around the county take part every year, completing in various challenges to be awarded what ever activity badge is set. Taking place in and around Hemel Hempstead, accommodation for the night was as ever Hobbs Hill primary School. 600 cubs took part in total, of which two teams were from Birchwood pack (teams 75 & 76), and one from Wolf pack (team 65) – a total of 17 cubs and 4 leaders from 1st Park Street.

The challenge was to walk a total of 10 miles from base to base. At each base various challenges awaited them and teams had to complete the challenges to move on to the next base. It was a tough challenge and only one team from Birchwood (75) got all the way around the event with a great effort from the other groups just needing to get to one more base before time ran out.

The weather was kind and it provided a great opportunity to meet other cub packs – we met 1st Birchwood pack en route, and made friends with 12th Hitchin. Cubs as young as 8 took part and we are happy to say that behaviour was impeccable throughout from all our cubs, and some of them even managed to get some sleep!

Well done to all the cubs who took part, and a big thank you to the leaders. Cubs were rewarded with the pioneer activity badge, the county night hike year badge, a certificate and a lanyard with a pioneer badge Wiesel. Photos of the event can be found on the photo area on the website under ‘cubs joint activities’.

Next year’s county night hike will be taking place on 24/25 September – get it in your diaries early we’d love to see your cub there!

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