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Thriftwood Cub Camp

On Friday 10th July 40 very excited cubs, 10 adults and 1 honorary beaver scout set off for a 2 night camp at Thriftwood Scout Camp in Essex. Both Wolf and Birchwood cub packs took part, and it was a wonderful opportunity to see the groups working together, and a fantastic turnout from both packs.

Over two very active days the cubs were split into tent teams to undertake a number of activities including bouldering, cooking their own breakfast on an open fire, and they even managed a 7 mile hike (which may well have been slightly longer due to some map reading issues ).

The aim of the weekend was to work in teams, learn practical survival skills, and engage in activities that encourage an interaction and appreciation of the outdoors. We placed a great deal of emphasis prior to the camp on children packing their own bags and preparing for an active weekend, and the cubs did us all proud. They worked hard, worked well together and threw themselves into their tasks and activities with enthusiasm.

Thank you to all the cubs who took part and well and truly earned their 2 night away badge. And parents, please note that the extreme exhaustion and layers of dirt you were faced with on your cubs’ return is testament to how hard they worked while they were away!

Most importantly a huge thank you to all the parents who volunteered to join us, as without them giving up their time the camp could not have gone ahead. Tanya Martin, Chris please add names here..., your help is much appreciated. And of course a special mention to Oliver Martin aged 6 who joined us for the whole weekend despite being not yet invested as a Beaver, and whose hard work and willingness to take part throughout the weekend is testament to the beaver and cub he will become. Well done Ollie!

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