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Summer camp 2015

The 24th May saw 10 scouts and 4 guides from the 12/21st St. Albans pressed ganged, in front of their parents, to join THE GOOD SHIP PARK STREET, on their annual summer camp.

The new recruits were loaded into minibuses and transported to Horsey in Norfolk, for their training.

The week was spent completing challenges with the hope of becoming a leading seaman.

They also had shore leave, allowing them the chance to visit an Eco centre to build their own wind turbines, learning about green energy and then finally climbing to the top of the onsite wind turbine. Another day saw a trip into the port town of Great Yarmouth. Here the recruits sampled the fine fairs it had to offer ( hand made Yarmouth rock!) having a talk from Eon about the offshore wind farm, with each then being given a bag of freebies. The end of this day saw one of the recruits buried to her knees and swearing her oath to the group. (Congratulations Grace for being invested!)

Visits to the beach were particularly enjoyed, especially at dusk when we would sit quietly ( yes, I have used sit and quietly in the same sentence!) and watch the seals.

The crew braved all kinds of weather from blazing sun, to pouring rain, we even had a freak squall which lifted the mess tent up and back a good 3 foot!

Thank you recruits and officers for coming, I couldn't of asked for a better crew. I look forward to 2016 when we can sail as a crew again.

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