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Cubs talk fun and saving the planet on Verulam Radio

Cubs from Birchwood Pack were interviewed on Verulam Radio 92.6 FM on Thursday 3 July, talking about their activities towards the Environment Partnership badge and the recent yellow fish project.

Libby Chambers, Ellie Holliss, Ella Sheen and Cameron Dunn were featured on the local station's 'Environment Matters' show explaining how the pack's yellow fish project was helping raise awareness of water pollution through road drains and gullies.

The pack took part in the project from the Environment Agency earlier this summer, delivering leaflets to local homes which explain the impact of pouring waste down road drains, and spraying yellow fish on the pavements near drains

as a vivid reminder for anyone thinking of polluting local water courses in this way. It is just one of the many ways that the Group helps to care for the local area.

The cubs told listeners how much fun they had doing the project and how they hoped it had made a difference to the environment.

Well done to the cubs, they were wonderful ambassadors for the Group and have helped spread the word locally about the great work 1st Park Street Scout Group is doing for the community...and the planet.


ou can listen to the show online until Thursday 10 July here on Radio Verulam website.

Find out more about the yellow fish project at or to our previous news item below.

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