Cracking Cub Camp 2014

Cubs from our Wolf and Birchwood Packs joined together at the end of June for the Group's first joint cub camp. For two nights the 44 cubs camped under canvas at the home of scouting, Gilwell Park in Essex. For some of the cubs this was their first night away, or their first night in a tent, and they all rose to the challenge and embraced the adventure.

Cubs and adults alike enjoyed an action packed programme of challenging activities including, a high ropes course, team building, grass sledging and a crate stacking challenge to see who could create and climb the highest stack of crates before it collapsed. As well as facing some of their fears and learning how to work together the camp taught the cubs some practical skills that they can use at home, and as they continue their scouting journey - washing up, packing their rucksacks and taking down tents. The camp included some good old scouting traditions - a wide game challenging the cubs to find the hidden leaders in the woodland after dark and the essential camp fire where the young people and adults alike sang and danced with gusto! At the camp's closing ceremony Ben Bundock from Wolf Pack and Libby Chambers from Birchwood each did a reading for the Cubs' Own ceremony - a reflection on the weekend's camp - highlighting the cubs' achievements through working together and the new friends that they had made. The cubs' activities will go towards their outdoor challenge and camper badges, and everyone who took part was awarded a certificate and a camp badge to be worn on their scarf, designed by camp leader and Akela at Birchwood pack, Chris Holliss. Thank you to Chris for organising such a fabulous experience for our cubs, and to all the leaders and parents who helped run or set up the camp. Without their time and effort we couldn't give the young people these marvellous opportunities. And with this first joint camp being such a success, we hope to provide much more of the same in the future. Parents - you can see photos of Cub Camp 2014 in the parents' area of this website. If you don't have your login please contact

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