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Scouts pick up in Park Street for Community Week

1st Park Street Scouts joined forces with local environmental group Park Street Pickers on Saturday 7 June to mark Scout Community Week and National Volunteer Week. The 12 young volunteer Beaver and Cub scouts donned their hi-vis jackets and braved the pouring rain to clear litter from the streets, footpaths and public areas around Park Street and How Wood.

Local community group Park Street Pickers provided the litter picking equipment and planned the morning's routes, and together the young people collected eight black sacks of litter in just an hour and a half. The young people taking part will each earn an official Scouts Community Week badge to recognise their efforts for their local community. The national Scout Community Week this year took place from 2-8 June. In the annual event Scout Groups across the country sign up to 'Do1Thing' - a project that helps demonstrate the benefits and impact scouting can have for the community. Group Scout leader, Niki Dunn said, "We were keen to get involved with Scout Community Week to make a real positive difference in our local area. Our members are already aware of the difference that scouting can make in their lives, and by giving back to the community this way we can help make other people aware of the benefits of scouting too." She added, "Teaming up with Park Street Pickers was the perfect project for us - together we have helped clear the local area of unsightly mess and set a great example for young people to look after their surroundings and take pride in their area. We were encouraged by all the compliments and thanks we received from passers by." Park Street Pickers are a voluntary group who meet every other month to rid their village of litter. Dennis Cowen from Park Street Pickers said "It was fantastic, what a great turn out and end to 'Volunteers Week'. The Beavers really were eager to get stuck in and did a wonderful job helping to make our area somewhere we can all be proud of. We will be adding their bags collected to the running total we keep on the Litter Action website ( that also tells people when future community litter picks are taking place."

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