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Park Street Festival

At Park Street Festival on Sunday 17 May, we took the opportunity to show local people, old and young, the adventure available to them through our Scout Group.

Around 75 young people faced the challenge of our climbing wall under expert supervision. For many this was their first experience of the scouting adventure! And if that wasn't enough to interest new members, an impressive photographic display showed the huge variety of activities we've enjoyed over the past year - from abseiling and archery to climbing, camping and kayaking, and meeting a war veteran. Our enthusiastic leaders were around throughout the event encouraging young people to join our Group and sharing their experiences as volunteers with potential new leaders. Leida Smith (Bagheera at Birchwood Cubs) explained, "I volunteered as a leader to keep my son's beaver colony going and soon realised I was having even more fun than he was! Like anything it does take time and effort to do well, but it is so rewarding - there's nothing like 25 cub scouts having fun to lift your spirits after a busy day. I'm working with great people, and I have learned and experienced so much more than I had ever imagined." Thank you to everyone who came to support the event, we are looking forward to welcoming many new young people and adult volunteers to 1st Park Street Scouts as a result

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