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Birchwood Cubs swim to third place success!

Cubs from Park Street's Birchwood pack raced their way to achieve the third highest points score at St Albans District Swimming Gala on Saturday 25 January. Each of the six cubs took part in an individual race to compete for a place in their final and formed two relay teams, going up against around 40 cubs from eight local Groups.

Representing Birchwood pack were Ellie Holliss, Ella Sheen, Libby Chambers, Gracie Gibbins, Benjamin Maher and Dylan Hilton.

In the relay, Team B (Ellie, Dylan and Libby) took second place in the final after finishing first in their heat. Libby (freestyle) and Ellie (backstroke) each took second place in the final of their individual races.

In the heats Benjamin came fifth out of eight in his freestyle race. Dylan came fifth in his backstroke heat, Ella took fifth position in her breaststroke heat and Gracie Gibbins, who has only been with the pack since December, came sixth, also for breaststroke. The pack's Akela, Chris Holliss, said 'I am so very proud of these cubs who volunteered to represent our Group in the swimming gala. They gave it their all and did their very best. We are delighted with their results, and I want to thank them for their great efforts.They are a real credit to the pack.' This is the first time that Park Street has entered the district swimming gala, open to cubs and scout groups across St Albans. We hope that the cubs' success at this year's competition will encourage other young people from the group to join in next year. Well done Cubs!!!

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