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1st Park Street Scouting member of the year!

A Scout of the year shield that was last awarded in 1998 was found amongst the other mountains of bits and pieces during the recent works upon our hut.

In light of this find both the groups GSL& Chairman thought that it would be a great idea to reinstate this award and to give our members something to strive towards.

However this award is not be exclusive to the scout troop members but to all within the the 1st Park Street Scout group.

Each of the groups Beaver Colonies, Cub Packs & Scout Troop where asked to each select a candidate and to give a case for why their candidate deserves such an award.

Once the nominations were handed over it was left to the GSL& Chairman to discuss and pick out who they deemed the most worthy.

They looked at many attributes but the winning candidate has shown over the year exemplary behaviour making them a excellent advocate for their section, group and the movement.

Has always put 100% into everything they do and at times pushing themselves to their limit.

However the main reason has been their personal development.

For when they first joined their section they were very shy and over the year have really come out of their shell and developed into and enthusiastic and confident child.

This is what our Leaders and the Scout movement strive to do and so it is the groups great pleasure to award our groups Scout of the Year 2013 to Oliver Robins of Thumper Beaver Colony.

Oliver was awarded both the Shield and some book tokens by our GSL "Nikki Dunn" following some words at the Thumpers meeting on Thursday 19th December.

This News was greeted by a great round of applause by both his fellow Beaver Scouts and their parents.

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