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County Night Hike

Thirteen Cubs from Birchwood Cub Pack have successfully completed the Hertfordshire Cub Scouts County Night Hike, alongside 1000 other Cubs from across the county.

The Cubs - Ryan, Cooper, Harrison, Dominic, Paul, Finn, Alex, Ella, Ellie, Jasmine, Andrew, , Conor and Benjamin - began their hike at 7pm on 21st September, and walked until 11.30pm, navigating the seven-mile course using the OS grid coordinates provided, and the map-reading skills learned last term. Under the supervision of leaders Leida, Niki, Michelle, John, Ben and Chris, the Cubs stopped off at eight different bases, each testing different Cub Scouting map skills.

All 13 Cubs received a certificate and a County Night Hike badge, alongside a map-reading activity badge for those who had not earned one previously.

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