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Sun shines on St George's Day parade

Beavers, Cubs and Scouts from all sections of 1st Park Street turned out in the sunshine to participate in the annual St George's Day parade in St Albans on Sunday 21stApril.

This year, the parade had a new format, with members meeting at St Albans civic centre at 2pm and then parading through the streets of the city centre to the abbey, where a service was held to celebrate St George's Day and the UK Scouting movement. Despite a smaller turnout than in previous years, the children made their presence felt and behaved extremely well under the guidance of Leida Smith (Bagheera) of Birchwood Cub Pack and Chris Holliss, leading Thumpers Beaver Colony in his final official act before joining Birchwood Cub Pack.

The Group had the privilege of being chosen to carry the District Scout Flag for what is thought to have been the first time. It was carried by Chloe Dunn. The Maher family was also honoured to have both their son and daughter chosen as section flag bearers: Megan for both Beaver Colonies, and Benjamin for Birchwood Cub Pack. The other flag bearers were Sam Rowland for Wolf Cub Pack and Sadie Sundit for the Scouts.

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