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New Assistant Leader for Thumpers Colony

Claire Twilley, a parent with Thumpers Beaver Colony, has joined Thumpers' leadership team as an Assistant Leader.

Claire, whose daughter is a member of Thumpers Colony, has helped out at many meetings over the past year, and enjoyed her experiences so much that she felt becoming a leader was a natural progression. Her willingness to step in also eases the burden on the existing leadership team, at a time when two other leaders, Chris Holliss and Leida Smith, have moved up to Birchwood Cub Pack.

After completing her Assistant Leader training, Claire was invested by the Group Scout Leader Nikki Dunn at the Colony's meeting on Thursday 25th April. As is the norm for all Beaver Scout Leaders, she has picked a name inspired by Canada's wildlife, and will be known as Blue Jay. Claire will be working closely with Thumpers Colony's long-standing Leader, David Kelly (Lynx).

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