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Could you be the next Cub Leader?

1st Park Street Scouts Group is urgently seeking new leaders following the decision of three members of Birchwood Cub Pack to step down from their positions due to other commitments. The departure of these three leaves Birchwood Cub Pack in danger of imminent closure, with knock-on effects on the other sections of 1st Park Street Scouts.

Scouting regulations specify that all meetings must have two registered Leaders or Assistant Leaders, and the correct ratio of adults to children dependent on age. With Birchwood Cub Pack needs at least three new uniformed Leaders to continue to operate, parents of children from all sections are being asked to consider becoming a Leader, Assistant Leader or Section Assistant.

If new Leaders cannot be found, Birchwood Cub Pack will be forced to close at the end of the spring term, ending 24 children's Scouting experience. The impact will also be felt among current Beaver Scouts, who may not be able to progress to Cubs at the age of eight, as well as children on the waiting list for both Cubs and Scouts. Joining another local group is unlikely to be an option, with waiting lists of at least a year across the St Albans district. Children of Leaders will, however, always be given priority when places are allocated within the 1st Park Street Scout Group.

Niki Dunn, Group Scout Leader, is urging all parents to consider stepping into one of the vacant roles. 'You don't need prior knowledge of Scouting, and nor will you left on your own to sink or swim,' she explains. 'We, like all groups, require people who care and are willing to spend some time allowing their children and others to experience Scouting and all it has to offer, so please do not leave it to others, or it may be that your child loses out.'

If you would like to know more about what being a Leader involves, please contact Niki Dunn (GSL).

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